Make your products smart and keep them up-to-date & secure! Benefit from 3rd party app integration with our B2B focused IoT operating system guhIO.

Who Are We?

guh GmbH is a tech company based in Vienna/ Austria. Our dedicated team consists of experts in software development and design. We are continuously driving innovation and are constantly expanding depth as well as breath of our product/service offering for our B2B customers. Our product guhIO is the most secure open source B2B focused operating system for connected devices (“things”). guhIO is able to connect thousands of devices seamlessly. The system is local and cloud based ensuring interconnectivity and security at all time.


Vienna, Austria



Uses for guhIO


What Is IoT?

  • IoT, the Internet of Things, is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/ or to each other).
  • IoT is a giant network of connected “things”, it allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place.
  • Software is the enabler and driver in the IoT industry.

Why should you care?

  • We are in the midst of the 3rd wave of the internet and it is the biggest one yet - with over 26 billion devices by 2020
  • Productivity and revenue generation - IoT is a driver of new revenue streams through new products and services.
  • Cost saving - IoT offers huge cost saving potential in terms of lower CAPEX, lower labor and energy costs

Problem Solving

From its’ inception, guhIO is meant to solve problems. In the current IoT market, there are plenty of stumbling blocks.

Market Problems

The Issue With Interconnectivity
APIs are essential for keeping devices interconnected. Device growth in the years to come is exponential leading to exponential API growth. Without API updates devices are unable to interconnect.
The Issue With Outdating And Security
The problem with buying hardware is that from the minute it's bought the device is already outdated. In addition, the low security standards of many devices pose a threat both to B2B, as well as B2C customers.

The Solution - guhIO

Keeps Your Products Interconnected
guhIO is able to connect thousands of devices seamlessly. The local and cloud based operating system ensures interconnectivity through API plugins.
Keeps Your Products Up-to-Date and Secure
Devices running guhIO stay up-to-date and secure at all times. Our operating system fulfils the highest security standards in the IoT industry.

World-class software

Our integrative IoT gateway will allow you to seamlessly connect your industrial infrastructure devices and ensure the normal data flow locally and on the cloud.
Safely. Quickly. Always updated.

Next Level Embedded IoT System

No border gateway necessary – since guhIO is embedded into each device, the device itself inherits a gateway functionality making a centralized border gateway obsolete.

Local Device Integration Without Internet Connection

Simple Setup

Simple setup of constrained network applications based on 6LowPan and CoAP (soon MQTT)

M2M Communication

Verified M2M communication Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave, ZigBee and others


Seamless integration into existing networks by Ethernet, Wifi, UPnP discovery

Rapid connection

guhIO rapidly connects
proprietary and open protocols
of any kind

The Cloud - A Game Changer

Ensures interconnectivity through updates – new API’s can be pushed to thousands, even millions of devices.

Hardware stays up to date and secure – new features can be made available.

Endless opportunities for B2B customers – increasing productivity and profitability.

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