Game Changer IoT

  • IoT already has an undeniable impact on today’s business world. The future will see entire industries fundamentally changed by the ever increasing amount of smart devices.
  • By the year 2020, current estimations say, there will be approximately 30 billion connected devices in the market, with an economic value of up to US$ 3 trillion.*
  • IoT signifies not only a change, but also a chance: the swifter existing companies adapt their products, the sooner they can tap into new markets and revenues.

* MacGillivray, Carrie, Worldwide Internet of Things Forecast Update, 2015-2019, International Data Corporation (IDC), February 2016; Turner, Vernon, “The Internet of Things: Getting Ready to Embrace Its Impact on the Digital Economy,” International Data Corporation (IDC), 2 March 2016, Directions 2016: San Jose, CA.

Why guhIO?

guhIO makes your entry into the world of IoT a plannable project. Our clients call it the “guhIO insurance”.

  • System stability and security are our top priorities.
  • Save time and money in comparison to a proprietary in-house solution.
  • Benefit from our unrivalled time-to-market.
  • One for all: guhIO communicates with a large variety of devices and quickly adapts to “newcomers”.
  • You can focus on unlocking new business opportunities. We do the rest. 

Our services

Imagine ...

  • Your product range is IoT compatible long before your competitors even hold their first meeting on smart devices.
  • You can connect your hardware to an endless number of other products without any restrictions.
  • You can control M2M (machine to machine) connections easily and intuitively.
  • Your data is just a fingertip away: boost your business by tailoring services to your customer’s needs based on analytic results.
  • You can open new revenue streams by selling services to your customers you haven’t even thought about.
  • From now on, you will never need to worry about updates and failure safety again.

Updates Management

Regular updates
(offline and online)

API Store

Effortless API
installation and management

Integrative IoT

Adaptation to every
technological surrounding

Machine Learning

Optimization through
local machine learning


Your design in no time

Let's build something great together!

You are outperforming us!

guhIO provides us with the possibility to convert our product into a smart product and to better understand our customers

guhIO enables us to develop a marketable product that our customers will love, within the shortest time possible!

The decision favouring guh was taken for a number of reasons, but only guh provides us with the customisation and security we need for our products