What Is IoT?

  • IoT, the Internet of Things, is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/ or to each other).
  • IoT is a giant network of connected “things”, it allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place.
  • Software is the enabler and driver in the IoT industry.

Why guhIO?

  • Connectivity out-of-the-box - guhIO knows how to talk to many types of smart devices and services. It's also an incredibly fast learner for any new devices that join the party.
  • Secure as it can be - There is nothing more important than robust security. We can guarantee a completely secure environment when you use guhIO. After all, guhIO does not require internet to work - it works locally, with no information traces to third party vendors.
  • Time to market - guhIO is a working thing. As a hardware manufacturer it is important for you to have a device on the market much faster than your competitor. We have the shortest time to market, which gives you an exceptional advantage in releasing a secure, robust and connected thing.

Verticals & use cases

For IoT & Blockchain solutions, you can contact us for a custom quote

Let's Build Something Great Together

You already established yourself on the market, but you feel the time has come to evolve into the new age of IoT? Launching a new brand, product or service and you need to find answers which can save you money and boost profitability through intelligent IoT solutions?

Update Management

Regular updates
(offline and online)

API management

Constant API tracking
and maintenance

Integrative IoT

Adaptation to every technological surrounding

Machine Learning

Local Machine Learning optimization


Your design in just a few days.

You are outperforming us!

guhIO provides us with the possibility to convert our product into a smart product and to better understand our customers

guhIO enables us to develop a marketable product that our customers will love, within the shortest time possible!

The decision favouring guh was taken for a number of reasons, but only guh provides us with the customisation and security we need for our products