The operating system for connected things

How does your guhIO-driven product differ from others?

  • Local cloud - reliable data handling
    guhIO connects APIs locally. A reliable internet connection is not mandatory.
  • IoT means trillions of upcoming API changes
    guhIO drives thousands of products out there and keeps them state-of-the-art
  • M2M Stack, Data Gathering, Encryption, Cloud
    Recurring difficulties had been solved at an unbeatable quality.
  • Control your device by Apps within days

    • Apps available
      for iOS, Android and Browsers.
    • Quick customization
      as a service - your design, your functionality.
    • Hybrid Web-App
      one codebase for all interfaces - quick changes possible.
    • Identical user Interface
      on every end device.
    • Responsive design
      screensizes do not matter.
    • Based on modern technology
      like Angular JS and Ionic.
  • Make your device a gateway for other machines

    • Seamless integration
      into existing networks by Ethernet, WiFi, UPnP discovery
    • Verified M2M communication methods
      Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave, ZigBee and others
    • Simple setup of constraint network applications
      based on 6LowPan and CoAP (soon MQTT)
    • guhIO rapidly connects
      proprietary and open protocols of every kind.
  • Earn money by enabling datapoints on the Blockchain

    • Ethereum
      guhIO makes every M2M communication a Blockchain transaction, no matter which device or protocol is used.
    • Solidity
      guhIO enables to build your decentralized IoT Blockchain in no time, installing your smart contract as a simple plugin, even after rollout.
    • Make machine data a currency
      Do it like the energy sector, who already adopted the Blockchain approach by transferring energy within programmable value through the smart grid.
    • guhIO supersedes the missing piece in the puzzle: the smart Cloud/Blockchain endpoint
      guhIO indiscernibly operates thousands of connected devices out there. It locally connects machine interfaces and energy loads to facilitate 'smart' usecases.
  • Be the most important part of smart grids

    • Energy Engine
      A control block that optimizes sources and loads.
    • Last mile of smart grids
      guhIO connects abstract models with physical objects.
    • Smart Grid Endpoint
      Your guhIO enabled product is the load balancer for homes and industry

  • Manage customers and their devices

    • Combine machine and customer data
      Learn from your deployed devices

    • Helpdesk
      If there is an issue, you know it before your customer
  • Make your product everlasting competitive

    • Dynamic M2M Stack
      Machine languages evolve (API changes). APIs are maintained in the cloud, guh guarantees for their functionality.
    • Unlimited number of APIs
      Embedded systems are limited, thus guhIO automatically downloads APIs on demand.

    • Automatic Cloud Updates
      All guhIO enabled products are state-of-the-art during the whole product lifecycle.
    • Know everything about your devices
      No matter if 10 or 10 million: you know the health of every single appliance.

What does guhIO mean for you?

  • Rapid development enables rapid pivoting!

  • Digitization means exponential increase of machine APIs. guhIO can handle that.

  • Digital independency due to Open Source and Blockchain frameworks.

We promise to keep the core software Open Source. Well maintained Open Source products like Red Hat are unbeatable in quality.

Simon Hönegger

Simon Hönegger

Lukas Mayerhofer

Lukas Mayerhofer
App Development

Simon Stürz

Simon Stürz
guhIO Lead Engineer

Bernhard Trinnes

Bernhard Trinnes

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