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guhIO is an industrial-level operating system for connected devices (“things”) – a one fits all solution. It cuts down time-to-market, development and maintenance effort to beneath 10% for mid-sized companies.

Every product which had been built on guhIO comprises state-of-the-art security. Like on Android you get steady updates and don't care about security or connectivity.

Through a market place for machine languages and additional services, it turns the guhIO-driven device into a "digitization-machine". You can constantly roll-out more services.

Update Management

Security - Threats emerge constantly in the world of IoT. From bots probing your system, to unwanted data mining - you need fast and adaptive updates that handle problems at it's root.

Enhancements - guhIO turns any product into a software-designed product. Software upgrades enhance the character of your product, like a smart car which turns into a self-driving car.

APIs underly constant development - changes have to be tracked and maintained for every single API. This effort is covered in the guhIO service bundle.

API management

guhIO comes with Appstore-like capabilities. Instead of smartphone APPs, which are made to interact with humans, you can install APIs to enable machine interaction.
We have created an API store - a catalog where you can choose and install machine connections easily.
A beautiful, user-friendly dashboard allows to manage those machine connectors.

Integrative IoT

Being API-agnostic means, that your device is 'integrative'. It adapts to every technological surrounding. Relieve the annoying dependency of being integrated into IoT clouds or smart homes by their operators. Simply attach your product to their environment on your own.

Machine Learning

A machine should do, what is expected from it. Local machine learning significantly optimizes human-machine interaction and data transmission costs. Analytics information is aggregated and explains you a lot about your machine and customer behaviour through the Dashboard and reports.


guhIO-enabled machines can be controlled by Apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Browsers. We now proudly manage to deliver PoC Apps in the design style of your choice in just a few days! In addition, we adapt the Dashboard to your needs. You will, at a glance, know the information important for you.

For IoT & Blockchain solutions, you can contact us for a custom quote
  • Key2Energy

    Energy sources and loads are managed by the machines interfaces in order to use cheap and green energy when available.

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      No external tools required if one of the machines in the system supports third party software within a sandbox container.

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      How was it done.

      The PV system activates loads during daytime to enhance self-consumption OR The heating pump utilizes cheap intervals of a dynamic energy tarif like aWATTar.at OR Smart meters interact with those machines and combines it with demand/response markets or decentralized Blockchain markets (real example: key2.energy) OR any combination of above.

  • Industry 4.0

    A quick look at how guhIO can optimize a modern factory.

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      Production Calculation

      Machine ID#123 will produce n-amount of chocolate in a 24h cycle.

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      Machine Utilization and Power Consumption

      Average power consumption - 7.35 kW. Energy cost 4,6768 Cent/kWh

      • Energy cost per day: €4.12494
      • Energy cost per month: €123.748
      • Energy cost per year: €1505.6

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      Predictive Maintenance

      Machine ID#123 will need an oil change on the DD.MM.YYYY.